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television show idea;

men who relentlessly pursue people with inappropriate messages on ok cupid are forced to read everything they’ve said in front of a live studio audience.

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The Lord of the Rings → Parallels

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This is the most fucked up thing I ever seen. This is really rude and awful. This is worse than the time my ex girlfriend said she was pregnant and I didn’t understand. This is worse than when my dad went out to buy groceries and didn’t come home for 4 months. 

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Gavin’s Heist (x)

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fun fact: in germany if you’re a neo nazi or own nazi regalia they arrest the absolute fuck out of you

fun fact: guess what we should do in america

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where did this myth of the teenage temptress who lies about their age to seduce the older man come from?

grown men who dont want to take responsibility for their actions and like to place the blame on the most relevant easy target probably

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television history

i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

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justin bieber is more important than the moon

so if we didn’t have justin bieber a lot of water would be redistributed toward the polar regions?



Girls Have 3 Types of Panties

  • period panties
  • chillen panties
  • and im about to get me some dick panties


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This is the closest Disney will ever get to a certain joke.

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